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I live and work in Italy, Milan, as indipendent photographer.
I love Street photography.
In the last years I've been working as travel photographer, very close to my way of feeling and interpreting photography, discreet witness of worlds not necessarily faraway, but certainly different.

I love film, and analogic cameras; my companions of journey have been the Pentax 67, the Hasselblad, the Rolleiflex and, in the little format, the Contax. I use also the digital format asked more by the publishing... even if my love for the films remains intense, but the life goes ahead...

Some of my works have been published, on Marie Claire Italia, Marie Claire Grecia, Marie Claire Travel, Marie Claire Maison, D repubblica, Riders, Traveller, Viaggi&Sapori, Pilibo Mag.

There is a zen saying:
You must learn to run into the snow without leaving any foot prints.
(in photography it works exactly like that.)
[Ernst Haas ]